Importance of Wearing Eye Safety When Bicycling

Bicycles provide transportation, exercise, and enjoyment. Because there is little protection against you and the road, wearing protection is a must. Most bicycle riders know they need to wear helmets and other protective gear, but not everyone protects their eyes. Unlike automobiles, you do not have any windshield in place to shield your eyes from flying debris and wind. Even riding your bike for a few minutes without eye protection could lead to serious complications, in the most extreme, a loss of your vision. You need to wear sunglasses for bicycles for these reasons:

  1. The right pair of sunglasses protects your eyes from flying debris like rocks and dirt which can fly off of other vehicles or the road. Without eye protection, this debris can fly into your eyes and cause serious damage. If you have experienced an eye injury or need advice on bicycle sunglasses, view our list of eye doctors in Dallas
  2. Bicycle sunglasses protect your eyes from wind. With the correct pair of sunglasses, you will not have to worry about wind getting into and around your eyes, causing excessive tearing and eye irritation, which can give you temporary vision loss and could lead to accidents. 
  3. Sunglasses also offer protection against damaging UV rays. If you are out in the sun a lot, you could experience UV exposure that leads to retinal damage. In its most severe states, this damage could lead to the loss of your vision, and this is not something you want to risk at all. 

If you have vision impairments, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, or far sightedness, you are going to need eye protection even more. You can purchase bicycle sunglasses with your prescription lenses so seeing while on your bicycle becomes much easier and safer. All you need to do is visit your eye doctor for an exam, and they can recommend the right pair of bicycling sunglasses. Making sure you are wearing prescription sunglasses is critical for protecting your eyes at all times. 

When buying sunglasses, there are things you should consider. This is not a purchase you want to rush because you need to make sure your eyes are shielded fully or damages could result. We recommend you think about the following when searching for protective eyewear for riding your bike. 

  • You need protective eyewear that will shield your eyes completely. Make sure there are no gaps that would allow wind and debris to get inside your eyes. Wraparound styles are usually best for bicyclers. You should try on each pair of sunglasses before you commit to a single pair. You should also get advice from your eye doctor. 
  • Check to see if the bicycle sunglasses will allow you to attach a bicycling mirror so you can see the cars behind you. Many cyclers swear by these mirrors because they keep them safer. If the bicycle sunglasses don’t allow you to attach a rearview mirror, you might wanna look elsewhere for better options. 
  • Check the sunglasses to make sure they do not fog. When you are on your bicycle in the heat, sweating is going to happen. Sweat not only makes it difficult to see out of your eyewear but also can cause the sunglasses to start to slip down on the bridge of your nose. You do not need to have a slipping pair of eyeglasses because they can present a danger to you. 

You should always try on a pair of sunglasses before purchasing them. Your eye doctor has advice that can make buying a pair of protective eye gear much easier. Your eye doctor knows the unique needs of your eyes, and with this expert advice, you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong pair. Wearing a pair of bicycling sunglasses just makes sense. There is no reason for you to go without them because you could be putting your eyes in real danger. All it takes is a single rock or too much UV exposure, and your eyes could become damaged. Some eye damage is irreversible, so do the smart thing and contact your eye doctor today about a prescription pair of bicycling sunglasses to shield your eyes from dangers while on your bike.